Wilshire Grand, Los Angeles

A world-class skyscraper soaring through the LA skyline.

January 17, 2018

The Wilshire Grand Center towers the city of angels at 73 stories high, it has been named the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. This iconic structure offers an unparalleled experience with amazing views for office space, hospitality and dining. The InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown hotel hosts 889 rooms in the heart of the city. We are honored to have worked on this landmark. There were many acoustical challenges throughout the process, given the architectural and mechanical nature such a grand structure. One major obstacle was due to the high performance of the ballrooms, to balance the sound evenly throughout the large spaces.

The audio-visual component of this project was our greatest task from the the street level to the rooftop. We included garden speakers on ground level to introduce visitors with a faint ambiance to compliment the beginning of the experience in their visit to the Wilshire Grand tower. Walking into the main lobby, the warm open space greets with a slightly louder sound exuding from the hidden speakers integrated into the architecture that is two stories high. Moving upward, the fifth floor consists of meeting rooms, ballrooms and an outdoor garden. 

Acoustical expertise was paired with vibration and noise isolation for several spaces on the seventh floor. Sound and vibration isolation was a great part of the health and fitness centers. Springs were a necessary aspect to the design of such spaces, given that weight shifted throughout the space and floating floors were then required. The junior ballroom, bride room and pool area on this floor were also a part of the AV component. Rising to the top of the building, we also worked on the restaurants, main bar, main hotel lobby, outdoor sky deck, outdoor bar and rooftop function area from the sixty-ninth floor to the seventy-third floor.

We are proud to be a part of the team who made this structure possible and know our work will only enhance the awe-inspiring experience of each guest.